Any support for any other shipping services other than Endicia?

Just wondering is there’s any other support for other shipping platforms other than Endicia?

I just found out about PirateShip ( and Shippo ( but I guess they are web based and not an app that GS can send the info over to?

I use Endicia because it sends the info from GS to Endicia pretty easily but it would be great if there were alternatives to Endicia since they charge about $15 a month just to use their service. The other two above are free of monthly fees.

Maybe iwascoding can enter the shipping market like PirateShip is doing, they make their money off the USPS it seems because they are a partner with them. Could be a new revenue stream for iwascoding maybe to enter the shipping postage buying market?


In theory, we could integrate with web based shipping services, if they are offering a decent API. A native Mac client would be preferable, but that’s probably an unrealistic wish.

I see. Thanks for the response.

Perhaps iwascoding can partner with the USPS like those companies do (Endicia for Mac (, PirateShip, Shippo) and create its own relationship with the USPS? I think the revenue stream for these companies consist of getting a cut or a percentage off the commercial base pricing they offer end users like us?

You guys are very good coders and I’m sure you guys can create this if you get into a business relationship with the USPS – but – then again it might be a lot of work? I hope you take a look at it and see if it can lead iwascoding to another possible revenue stream?

Not sure if this is the link for developers?

I would rather pay iwascoding than Dymo/Endicia for Mac which charges me $15.95 a month to just print postage with them. PirateShip doesn’t charge a monthly fee which leads me to believe they are making money off a cut off the postage users print? Not sure but it has to be some percentage deal going on?

Anyhow, I love how you currently support Endicia for Mac (, but they are making some changes in the next 2 weeks. You can see the changes here:

Thanks ilja for your time and continued success. About to switch to the GS yearly plan soon!

Pirateship will connect directly to EBAY

I have never used it, but says it will import paid item info, then send back to EBAY as shipped with tracking, which should then show up in GS.

Has anyone used this?

A solution that work also in Europe would be quite well accepted, am I wrong or doesn’t Endicia work only for US shipping? Currently I am working with eBay shipping managing website ( ). I don’t know if this is only an Italian website or also international. Orders are automatically imported and tracking are sent back to eBay when the shipping is paid (GS updates almost always correctly). Also couriers prices are quite good. Any other Mac app like Endicia that works also here would be very good…

Yea Endicia for Mac I believe is only for the USA and uses only the USPS. Been with them for many years and while it’s pricey at $15.95 a month, it syncs with GarageSale very nicely. It’s nice but recently or Dymo (can’t remember who or what) bought them out and now they are making all these changes just to make changes it seems.

I do hope GarageSale aka iwascoding can get into the shipping arena the same way PirateShip is doing. I do think there’s money for iwascoding to make in this arena as we are already customers that need that service as it is. But again I’m sure it’s a lot of added work to get this kind of thing off the ground but it would fall within the GarageSale ecosystem very nicely.

I was thinking of jumping from Endicia for Mac to PirateShip and why I initially created this post to see if iwascoding was going to support any other shipping platforms but I understand it has to be within the Mac OS. Endicia offers a Mac based program and why GarageSale and Endicia for Mac work very nicely together from inside the GarageSale program.

If I have to copy and paste from GarageSale into PirateShip, I rather stay at Endicia for Mac even at the $15.95 a month rate. lol The ability to just press a button to send all the shipping info into Endicia for Mac app to ship the package is worth the time savings.

Hopefully and it’s just a wish, I hope iwascoding integrates or makes a “GarageShip” program or something. I would gladly pay iwascoding X per month than give this money to Endicia for Mac but I’m sure getting into the selling of postage and into a business relationship with the USPS might be a huge process, who knows?

According to Pirateship in the link I included, you would authorize Pirateship and Ebay (like you do with GS and EBAY. After that you would just go into Pirateship, hit UPDATE ORDERS, and it would connect with Ebay and download all info, no cut and paste. Is there a reason that you want info to go from GS to a shipper, rather then Ebay to a shipper?

For the record, I love the Endicia integration - I like having the information pulled in and the ability to quickly add weight details and package type from drop downs. - This means shipping labels can be printed in as quickly as 10 seconds while shipping weight is pulled in from my USB scale - I only wish a default shipping service could be set in the shipping service drop down since I use USPS 99% of the time.

I am signed up for Endicia’s “Shipping Easy” service which also pulls in orders from other platforms but it’s not very streamlined and really adds to the time it takes to print shipping.

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