Any tips? Going to go pro i think

Hello everyone!!! So, i think im going to sign up to the pro tomorrow… Ive had enough of the plugin i used on wordpress… always having problems… But with this brings me to this…

i have about 1000 items ( individual items ) any tips??? from anyone. Anything i might of missed setting up?? Should i do a csv import? anyone done this? Making my stress levels rocket!

All the best

If you items are already on eBay, maybe using the “Import from My eBay” command gives you a better result than importing 1000 from CSV file.

does the import from ebay still make pictures part of the GS code? and permanently put it in the preview mode?

In general yes, but there’s a new “Remove design from description” option available:
(scroll down a bit)

Regards, Kristian

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yeah i was think this… but then is there an option for bulk edits in GS e.g replace all descriptions etc.

“Bulk Find and Replace”:

right… that would work… now do imports go into categories at all?? as i have differetn descriptions for each category…

Sorry for all these questions… dont want to chagne over pay the subscription then realise i cant do what i need.

all the best

Not sure I get your question, but you can do all importing, editing, and batch replacing in GarageSale without paying at all.

The only limits in the unpaid version are 3 listings starts and limited order tracking.

You only need to sign up for a month of GarageSale Pro, if you want to list more than 30 listings.

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