Any update of the eBay vehicle parts compatibility selector?

It appears to be over a year since the eBay part compatibility feature was mentioned here.

There was then talk of how this might be possible but with an extra cost.

I’d rather stick with Mac OS and GarageSale for our listings but, this feature is now used a lot in motorcycle parts and is becoming necessary to compete with other sellers.

Sorry, parts compatibility is still on one of the top spots.

Getting synching between Macs done takes a lot more effort than we anticipated. Parts compatibility will be one of the first things we’ll start working at after synching is done.

Thanks for the update.

Do you have a rough guess as to the kind of time frame for both syncing and then parts compatibility?

We won’t hold you to it - just trying to plan things here.

Synching: In the next 2-3 months, parts compatibility somewhen after that. There might be eBay changes coming up we need to integrate before starting with parts compatibility.

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