Any way to make a multiple quantity listing?

Any way to make a multiple quantity listing? In a drop down menu…

Ebay allows it with their lister because I see them sometimes.

Hard to tell from the cropped screenshot, but I think this is a multi-variant listing where one of the variation axes is 'Number of Labels". If you could post a link to that listing, It would be easier to determine.

I also think you’re referring to eBay’s “Variation” feature. It is supported by GarageSale as well. Please see the GarageSale help here:

Regards, Kristian

@kristian. Yes, I am trying to create a variation feature. First I had to move the item out of antiques where variations isn’t supported. I got it working BUT I need to add different shipping weights. I have free to US but need an international weight. I sell specialty nails in Quantity of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and so on. I need the weight to reflect the different quantity chosen. The listing running has 1 weight available and I need to show that 5 are 2 ounces. 10 are 4 ounces, 20 are 8 ounces and so on.

I might be wrong but I think eBay does not offer a way to “tie” variations to different shipping settings in one and the same listing.

Regards, Kristian

It all depends on the weight of the items you are selling.

As Kristian pointed out, using variations to offer a different number of items wouldn’t work for heavier items, because eBay doesn’t allow for different shipping settings based on variations.

It works for the labels listing shown in your screenshot, because the weight difference between 25 Label und 20,000 Labels is probably negligible enough to be covered by a single shipping rate.

If you want to use variations, you could try to raise your shipping fees so your “average” shipping costs per order are covered in the long run, but this might deter buyers who are looking for only a small number of items.

Ok, Thanks. The items I listed I sell with free shipping so domestic is covered and international I made work by choosing a small flat rate box in the drop down menu so shipping is covered. Setting up listings using “variations” would have been much easier and less time consuming if I could have used the copy/paste gear in the top right corner like some other settings have. Also, once the variations pane was open I couldn’t leave the pane open to get info on any other listing that contained info that I was bringing into the variation pane. I am not sure if that change is possible or not.

For now, you could use the “Copy” & “Paste Listing Components” commands from the context menu to copy variation settings between listing.

I’m not sure if we can make the Variations window non-modal. Will do some research.

I like the contents of that list. Where is it found? Sorry, I looked around and don’t see it.

Please find it in the “Listings Section > Bulk Editing” chapter here:

Regards, Kristian

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Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into this program!

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