Anyone figure out how to sucessfully sync GarageSale on 2 computers?

I would love to have both of my Macbook Pros able to use GarageSale 100% no matter which computer I have with me at the time. Does anyone know a way to do this? I know there is data in a few places plus the keychain so could I use iCloud or dropbox with some sync app to achieve this? Is there another way I am unaware of that would allow me to achieve this?

I would pay money to get this feature :flushed:

+1 thank you for listening

Another +1; Pretty please???

Yes, it would be really useful.

One of the main goals of re-writting GarageSale 7 from scratch was to come up with an architecture that allows for adding synch and other market places besides eBay.

Once we have GarageSale 7 final released, we can start working on these features. Our main problem right now is that we cannot decide which feature we should do first: synching or (Amazon/Etsy/whatever) support.

The order might have important implications, for instance we might decide to to synching first, but than after starting to add another selling platform realize that we have to re-do synching because the initial version doesn’t scale to multiple platforms. Decisions, decisions…

Sync vote here, definitely!

Since we can sync Lightroom to Dropbox - We could be listing (and revising) auctions at work, not just at home.