Anyway to get the Media Browser to disapear automatically?

Not digging the Omni Present Media Browser window. Would like the option to have it hide as it did in the old days.

Having to close it and open it every time I need to web search an item is getting old fast. Anyone else find this desirable ?

Thanks if at all possible,

Here is an interim release that hides the media browser window while in background:

Do you like this one better?

Much better for me. Maybe a preference option for those that want it
floating on top ?


Hi Ilja,

That version is crashing for me upon editing templates. Maybe the
production version will be more stable.

Thanks back to the non-beta for now,

Can you check if there are any crash reports from GarageSale written today? There should be in your home directory under Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports and have GarageSale in their name. If there are any, please forward them to referring to this forum thread.


I have no way of reading these to my knowledge but here they are.

I have the beta version fired up today and will attempt to use it (after
emails are done). So far it is running and all windows are loaded.

I will let you know if that changes,

Hi Ilja,

Been using this new beta for 2 days now and it seems to be stable. It was
crashing on loading images into the media browser.
I now give it enough time to do its background work before opening
additional windows and its OK.

So any chance that in the future the previous state will be maintained on
re-opening ? I always use the Spell Check and Fonts windows and it would
be awesome to have those open at re-boot. You are probably moving toward a
Final Cut type of palette for 7.0 so that would cover it. Great
customization in that interface.

Thanks for all your work,
Paul Monty

Thanks for the hint. We’ll take a look on to to accomplish this.