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since some days I am having an API error using the order section. This warning appears when clicking the “shipped” checkbox. Orders are correctly marked as shipped also in ebay site: “an unknown ebay API error happened”

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If you add a tracking number, select the courier and press enter, the same warning appears several times (two times for 1 item orders, 2 times if the orders have 2 items). If the order has 1 item, the tracking is NOT uploaded to ebay site (order is marked as shipped correctly). If the order contains 2 or more items, tracking is correctly uploaded to ebay site.
Let me know what I can send you to catch this bug.

Thank you

Hi @Federico. Did you notice that EBay have fixed the ‘out of Stock’ preference setting - after one year.

Same problem here, today that happend to every single order. GS 9.2.1

Hi @davidelliott , yes I noticed, they took one year to fix it! Incredible, I just hope it won’t happen again as in the past, otherwise we will have to wait another year… I hope this API error is something inside GS and not ebay…

Yes also for me, the warning appeared for every single order.

Let’s hope this is just a temporary glitch that somebody at eBay will have fixed by tomorrow. :crossed_fingers:

I tried to renew my token but sadly that had no effect… Was worth a try.

Can you replicate that error? And can you find out where it comes from and how to avoid it?

It looks like eBay’s API is returning faulty XML for the call to make changes to an existing order.

We filed a bug report with eBay and will try to come up with a workaround, that tries to cope with this scenario until eBay has fixed the issue.

eBay got back to me and told me that the issue is fixed now. I already heard back from users that they don’t see that error in GS anymore.

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