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I was facing a problem these days, and seeing GS on my Mac with its window with all the messages from different accounts got me thinking - it looks like there is nothing on the market as of IOS app that lets you manage multiple accounts. For us is very important to be able to receive notifications for messages and easily reply back, exactly as on Mac OS but for our phones. Do you think it could be possible one day to release something like that, not to list or manage the stores, but at least to be able to see and reply to messages, and maybe seeing the orders. A lot of our work flows into our IPads or IPhones and I definitely see the need of such an app, especially when you are in the developing Ebay stores for other people. Thanks in advance for your reply.


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So “all” you’d need would be a dedicated iPhone/iPad app, that lets you monitor multiple accounts for incoming messages, and reply to them?

That doesn’t sound too complicated, but on the other hand I imagine the market for such a tool to be quite small. Not sure the development costs could be easily recouped. :man_shrugging:

Yes, exactly, just like the pop-up window in GS8. Sadly, I have a lot of appointments on the run, so I cannnot use my laptop for monitoring activities.
I saw a some people looking for such an app in the forums, but I don’t know if those will be enough. Would it be too costly to create such an app just for us? I imagine it is, but it never hurts to look for options. I find it super frustrating logging in and out for 4-5 accounts just to check messages and reply fast. It is almost impossible to perform as desired when it comes to answering questions and fixing cases, which I find one of the most important things when it comes to Ebay business. I imagine a lot of people have at least two accounts - one personal and one business. I even found an app, but it seems they didn’t finish it.

It depends on your budget. I estimate the development time for such an app to be around a week or two, so compared to what you are right now paying for GarageSale it would be extremely costly.

It might be worthwhile to offer such an app as part of the GarageSale Pro subscription, but I guess we’d need to run all income through Apple’s greedy hands (App Store). :man_shrugging:

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That will be much appreciated. I would pay for such an app gladly.

The eBay phone app has a feature for messages that tracks all messages and notifies you of any new messages and lets you reply to them. It might be advantageous for you to try it. Another competing app to do the same thing might not pay off in the long run.

The eBay app can do that for only one account at a time, so not what Maggie asked for.

Maggie, out of curiosity: why don’t you use email for this? I have 4 accounts and get emails (and the corresponding notifications) whenever messages arrive for one of them. Replies can be done either as direct email reply or by clicking on the ‘reply’ button in the messages, which takes you to the ebay site.

I use this option, but it’s quite inconvenient:

  • When I am logged in into account number 1 in the app, but I have a message in account number 2, when I open the email with the notification, I am redirected to the app, then either nothing happens, either I am redirected to Safari, when I should fill in manually email and password to continue. I have noticed that if I save the info into Safari for let’s say account number 2, sometimes the website opens a message bar, where I can answer for this account, but when I go into the website or in the app, the messages are left unread, so I am not sure if my answer was send or not. I already asked few people, if they got my previous message, because I wasn’t sure, they did, but all that is quite uncomfortable to work with big volume of messages and multiple accounts.

It’s just I love the functionality and simplicity of GS, and I feel very bad when I can’t use it, because I am very familiar with this workflow. Unfortunately, very often I don’t have the option to use my laptop, so I do a ton of my daily tasks with my phone. In my humble opinion, the phones are slowly taking over, and with each year they get as good and fast as laptops from several years ago, they are always with us, and everyone is relying on them for either simple or more complicated tasks. Same with iPads, they too are very easy to use, and a lot of times enough for most of the daily uses.

One thing that I do is that I have multiple email address that feed into my main email address. Since I own my domain, I am able to create a “catch all” option so that all emails that have my domain come into that one email account. I have four different shops going, so I created filters for each shop and because I enabled the option in my email service to make it so that some of the addresses can send emails, I am able to handle all emails for all stores from that single email login on that email website.

I hope that makes sense and can help you!


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