Applescript Image URL

Trying to use applescript to retrieve the first image URL. Is it supposed to work with the eBay URL or only GS servers? or maybe i have missed something, most likely :smile:

tell application "GarageSale"	
	repeat with theListing in (get selected ebay listings)
		set value1 to the title of theListing
		set value2 to the item id of theListing
		set theListingImage to first item of listing images of theListing
		set value3 to the image URL of theListingImage		
	end repeat
end tell

returns missing value

tell application "GarageSale"
	get selected ebay listings
		--> {ebay listing id "2569B683-386C-49BC-982F-056273DEB321"}
	get title of ebay listing id "2569B683-386C-49BC-982F-056273DEB321"
		--> "The Mothers Of Invention ‎- We're Only In It - MFSL Ultradisc II 24kt Gold CD"
	get item id of ebay listing id "2569B683-386C-49BC-982F-056273DEB321"
		--> "155153908604"
	get item 1 of every listing image of ebay listing id "2569B683-386C-49BC-982F-056273DEB321"
		--> listing image id "4B56C9B7-752E-4F98-859D-1FF690CFC748" of ebay listing id "2569B683-386C-49BC-982F-056273DEB321"
	get image URL of listing image id "4B56C9B7-752E-4F98-859D-1FF690CFC748" of ebay listing id "2569B683-386C-49BC-982F-056273DEB321"
		--> missing value
end tell
missing value

What is the state of the selected listing?

A listing that has not been started yet does not have the image URLs included (because the images have not been uploaded yet), as far as I can tell.

Regards, Kristian

It is an active listing. And I get the same results on any active listing.

The “image URL” Apple Script attribute return the URL for “URL images”. These are images that have been manually added to the listing by entering an URL.

Nothing will be returned for actual “image” images.

ok, thanks, was hoping it was coming back from a getitem call or something. Any suggestions on how to retrieve the image URL from the active listing without api access?

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