AppleScript on garagesale

Hello! I went from a older iMac to a newer one… I made a template, then I did AppleScript to run batches of the template… I am able to create templates, but they are generic, so I need to figure out how to link my template to the AppleScript so it batches(repeats) my template listing…
I’m struggling to figure this out… I would be willing to pay for the help… if someone who is good at garagesale will message me, include ur contact info and I can text you… I think it’s a simple fix, (code line, redirect, etc)
Thank you so much!

I was able to create an AppleScript that can creat batch templates… I run the script and it works fine… only problem is it’s a generic template… how do I link the template I created/saved to have that template be the one the AppleScript uses…


Hello! I could sure use a little help, and am willing to compensate for your help.

  1. How do I save a template I created?
  2. How to I access this template when using AppleScript so all the listings it opens are from my “saved template”

Thank you!

I’m not sure I fully understand what you want to achieve. I suppose by template you mean an eBay listing?

Have you checked the 'Create New Listing" example from Help menu:

tell application "GarageSale"
set theListing to make ebay listing
tell theListing
	set title to "New Listing Created from AppleScript"
	set description to the (current date) as styled text
	set convert description to HTML to yes
	set primary category id to 14909
	set duration to five days
	set private listing to no
	set condition description to yes
	set use starting bid to yes
	set starting bid price to 0.99
	set use buy it now to yes
	set buy it now price to 20.0
	set use quantity to yes
	set quantity to 3
	set use sku to yes
	set sku to "my personal stock unit"
end tell
end tell

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