AppleScript questions & requests GS7 / shipping

Me again :slight_smile:
A question an a request for the AppleScript part of GarageSale 7:
Is it possible in any way to get the value of the chosen shipping service within an order with AppleScript? At the moment theres no value for that in the order part, but maybe I am missing the possible usage of the ebay shipping option and/or ebay shipping service parts of the Apple Script implementation?

Second question/request:
Two other things with shipping: The list of possible shipping methods is incredible long, we only use two of them, so it is very boring to set the correct one every time something is shipped… My minimum request would be: Could the list be implemented in the preferences, so I could disable all shipping services I don´t need, so only the two I need will show up?
Or (much better): Would it be possible to set the tracking-number and the shipping service through AppleScript? Like "set used shipping service of the selected order to “DHL” and "set tracking-number of the selected order to “123456789”???

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