Does anyone have or know hows to construct :
Applescript REQUEST- for 6x - REMOVE FIRST IMAGE IN TEMPLATE, and the Script has to be adaptable to SELECT ALL.

I need it for pre 7x so I can do a mass removal of what was once my store icon in each of my templates,
the first image. It’s causing me headaches … if I keep it, and remove the http address, it lingers, and for some reason when imported into 7x , the Next image, which would be the 2nd, the image of the product, is gone and shows a duplicate of the 3rd image. When I remove the first image, and then save the template, export and then import back into 7x, the first image is of the product as it’s supposed to be.

Not sure, about the state of the AppleScript command in GarageSale 6, but in GarageSale7 removing images via AppleScript is not possible.

However, GarageSale 8 allows this command again. Let me know if you want access to the latest beta version.

I mean, I can construct the applescript and do it to my templates in 6.6.6 …

what would the command be to remove first image?

There is a script for “add image to template” so I assume that could be easily adapted to ‘remove first image’?

Unfortunately not. This existing AppleScript command is specifically constructed to add images. We’d need to implement a new command for removing images in GarageSale’s code to make this work.

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