Apply current changes from eBay always show that images have changed!

This wasn’t the case with the previous version 9.5. Just noticed that in the latest version 9.6 when I use “Apply current changes from eBay…” it always shows that images have changed! Even if I just started a new listing from GS to eBay it will tell you that images on eBay are different. Clearly a regress in the lates code.

Support for images in the “Apply current changes from eBay” panel has been added recently in GarageSale 9.6. In previous versions images were not support in that panel, if I am not mistaken.

However, I just checked it here but for me the images are not displayed as “changed”.
It might have to do with the picture service selected maybe? (I am using GarageSale’s picture service.) Are using eBay’s picture service?

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