Are there relisting fees?

I thought relisting an item was free but in GS its saying there is a fee.

GS is showing what the fees would be if you were being charged them by ebay. If you have reached the point where ebay is no longer charging you those fees, you can ignore the information GS is showing you.

So even though GS says there is a fee, there is not?

It depends. For example, if the listing you want to upload still falls under the 50 free listings per month, then you won’t get charged a fee even though GS says there is one. GS has no way of knowing if you’re putting up listings using a promotion that gives free listings, so it shows a fee every time even if there may not be one in your particular case.

Unfortunately, you can not rely on the fee forecast shown in GarageSale. For the past 15+ years eBay has been unable to provide third-parties with a reliable for providing upfront frees, that considers your account level, listings already listing, and currently active promotions.

As a general rule, you should always get the same price as when listing with GarageSale as with eBay’s website, unless there’s a special promotion going on that specifically excludes third-party tools.

Regards, Kristian

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