Attention GTC Image Hosting customers: Action required

Dear GarageSale Users,

If you signed up for our “Paid GTC Image Hosting Service” and you have active 'Good ‘til canceled’-listings right now, some of your listings may have lost their images. Please read on to learn how to fix this issue:

This weekend we become aware that a database on one of our image servers become corrupted. Apparently, the corruption has been ongoing for several days. Since many database operations like opening and reading values still worked, we didn’t notice this corruption immediately.

This incident caused several images that were uploaded to our “Paid Image Server” to be deleted prematurely, instead of 60 days after the listing ended. Unfortunately the deletion of these images propagated to our backup server before we could take action, so we cannot restore the effected images ourselves. Instead, your action is required to restore your listing images.

We’ll also try to reach to all affected users via e-mail, but we won’t be able to reach those that purchased the “GTC Image Hosting” option through the Mac App Store.

How to fix your listing images

Fortunately, the fix is quite easy: Revise your running listings and select only the “eBay Images” and “Item description” properties. You can do this either listing by listing, or revise all active GTC listing with the help of a smart group (make sure you don’t miss step 4):

  1. In GarageSale 7’s listing section, create a new Smart Group from the ‘+’ button in the toolbar.
  2. Setup the smart group like shown on the screenshot below. Enter 1000 in the duration field (which is GarageSale’s internal duration code for good til canceled listings).
  3. Select all the listings in that smart group and invoke the Revise command on the them. Select “eBay Images” and “Item Description” as parameters to revise:
  4. After the revise commando went trough, change the ‘Status’ row in the Smart Group definition to “Running with Bids or Sales” and repeat step 3.

If you need assistance with this, please don’t hesitate to contact us by replying to this post or getting in touch via our contact form.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

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