Auction template not returning to normal state (greyed out) after cycle

Hi There, can someone help me find out why my ended auctions are not returning to normal state where I can relist them when finished…they are in a GREY state … see pic attached after the 5 day cycle I had these recently.

I can easily duplicate all of these, but I didn’t have to do such a process in v6x… Is that the solution? I have tried updating each file, it doesn’t work, I refreshed Token just today… . Help would be appreciated.

In GarageSale 7 a listing can only be started once and it won’t return to the prepared start.

However, you can easily relist them by selecting the Relist command from the “More” button in the toolbar. GarageSale will then create a duplicate of the listing.

In the Launch Control window there’s a ‘Move Original Listing’ option available. It allows you to tell GarageSale to automatically move the original of your relisted listings to a specific folder (e.g. to the trash or to an “Archive” folder). This can be helpful, if you only want to keep the listing actually running and deleting or archive the original ended listing.

More info about the relist feature:

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian.

Thanks for your details. I think you can understand my confusion… it wasn’t like this with previous versions LOL… I don’t mind dumping the old templates manually.

So what was the reason going this way, instead of the old fashion of just relisting the same template over and over?

Hi Scott,

we explained this change here in more detail:

Regards, Kristian

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