Auctions are showing as running after update

I just upgraded to GS 7.0.13.
First issue im having is that a lot of my auctions on in the GS browser have the Green ebay icon indicating that they are running when they are not. How can i remedy this?

An example of whats happening is if I try and select some of these auctions and try and make an event, a warning box pops up and says " Some of the selected listings have already been started. Do you want to duplicate these listings and list the copies?"

I list comic books and have multiple copies of the same comic. So after i list one and it sells i wait a while and list another.

Ok, I see now that green means sold not running. Im still a little confused at the duplicate and delete original.

Yes Dupe and Delete seems counter intuitive coming from GS6, but once you accept that is the way it is, it is not so bad.

There has been a lot of discussion about the color scheme in GS7. Appearing likely that there will be customization of colors available in a future point update.

It would also be great if the check mark to show the selected gallery image was back to.

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