Audible Alert for Sales and/Or Messages

If this has been addressed before, my apologies. I have searched the forum for such a thing, but I’m probably not using the correct words.

I am wondering if GS has a setting which sets off an audible alert (or alarm) when something sells and/or an eBay message arrives.

If not, can we ever hope for one? Or am the only one with such a wish?

GarageSale supports the macOS Notifications feature. You can check it in the System Preferences > Notifications.

(It might be that the notifications do not appear if GarageSale is currently the frontmost application.)

Regards, Kristian

Thanks, @kristian.

That’s what’s confusing me. My notifications should be making noise under those circumstances, but they don’t. This is what my GS notifications have shown forever:


I can’t believe I’m asking this, but is that what should be checked??

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