Australian Shipping Options

Most of the shipping options shown do not work, especially those related to insured mail and overseas mail.
This has meant that after listing, I have to go into e-bay and edit my listing to put up the correct services.
This has cost me a lot of money, as if I forget to do this, and the item is damaged, then I’m out of pocket. It’s cost me $400 so far.
It is not only the insured mail. The express post option is one of the few which works.

Thank you for your feedback, we’ll have a look at this.

Regards, Kristian

I just checked with the current data eBay provides to us, and the services offered in GarageSale seem up to date.

Can you give a specific example which shipping service you are selecting and what error message you are getting (if you are getting one at all), so we can create a bug report with eBay dev support?

Dear Ilya

Well, I’ll have to disagree. After spending over an hour checking services I find all of the following don’t work. The service is shown first, the message returned below it.


Australia Post Regular Parcel + Tracking

No longer available

e-bay Australia Flat rate Small BX1 Box + Signature

Postage service e-bay Australia Flat rate Small BX1 Box + Signature (1556) isn’t available

e-bay Australia Flat rate 3kg satchel + Signature

Postage Service e-bay Australia Flat rate 3kg satchel + Signature (1560) isn’t available.

In fact I would say that all the e-bay Australia postal options fail. None work.

The service below is duplicated in the option list, and returns different messages as below.

(1) Australia Post Regular Parcel registered

Australia Post standard service + registered (1505) isn’t available

(2) Australia Post Regular Parcel registered

The selected service is no longer available through Australia Post.

Standard Delivery

Postage service standard delivery registered (1561) isn’t available.


Air Mail

Exceeds the weight limit. The message should tell me what the weight limit is.

Postage service Australia Post registered International Padded Bag 1kg (1537) isn’t available.


On testing one of my items that weighs 4kg, I entered the following under Domestic and International respectively.

Australia Post Prepaid Parcel Post 5kg satchel

Australia Post pre-paid express post international Box 5kg

On attempting to list the followong message was returned.

A Postage Service is not specified.

At least one postage service must be specified.

Obviously iwascoding has a lot of work to do. I can’t continue to test every option available, and there seems to be far too many invalid services.

Please rectify these by way of an update and advise me what you are doing, and when you will have this ready so I may enjoy Garage Sale as intended.


Grahame Foster
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I find it highly unlikely that so many of the officially supported shipping service should not work at all. My guess is there’s some setting in your listing or eBay preferences that confuses eBay’s server.

Could you export a listing with shipping setup known to you not to work correctly and send it to us at for investigation. Maybe we can figure out what’s going on that way.

Dear Ilja

Without spending too much time again on this, here are two examples.

This is very frustrating.


Grahame Foster
Villa 7, Eleebana Shores
40 Burton Road

Tel: (02) 4048 3777

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