Auth Token message followed by

I’ve been away for a while, and when I logged on to eBay to resist all of my expired auctions.

I got the “AUTH TOKEN IS HARD EXPIRED…” message.

I went in and refreshed the eBay token, then updated a chunk of BIN listings. I got the same error message again. I re-refreshed the token then tried to upload again.

This time, they all popped back up with the “DUPLICATE LISTING” message.

So all is fine on the eBay public side, but none of those listings have turned blue in GS.


Occasionally I find a listing that is the ended color so I click the START button and GS tries to start a new listing and the old is moved to the deleted folder. When the “DUPLICATE LISTING” warning happens I find they turn to the “running listing” color when GS moves them to the “deleted listings” folder. I simply select “UNDO MOVE TO TRASH” from the drop down menu and they are moved back to their original folder.

Thank you so much. It worked!

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