Auto-cancel only if older than X days since start, i.e. cancel very old listings

Now that we have this shiny new “Days since start” feature available it’s time to think about improving the automatic cancellation feature. It would be great if we could specify that auto-cancel should be triggered only if the listing in question is X days old. I.e. I’m looking to automate the following scenario - auto cancel my listings that have been hanging around without sales for 3 months (90 days). What’s your opinion about this idea, gents?

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I like the idea but also would like an auto “Start” added not like the current “Restart”. A “Start” makes a new listing going forward and the ebay search engine sees it as a new listing not just a restarted old listing.

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+1, tested myself, starting a new listing bumps views and watchers.

I made a specific smart group to filter listings automatically ended. Then I select all listings inside that folder and press “start”. You loose few minutes every day, of course it is not automated, but this way you start new listings and also prevent from troubles of automatic relist feature.

I also did what fedege96 has done. I also move prices up or sometimes down with the new listings and this is a good time to go over the listings by hand instead of automatically relist.

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