Auto Decline Settings on Best Offers Disappearing on eBay

This is a continuation of the topic we had opened up a few weeks ago. Once again, we’ve had a slew of offers come through to us that are beneath our Auto Decline amount.

We recently did revise nearly all our listings as we converted them all to the same Pro Template design, instead of the mix of template designs that we’ve used over the past six years.

Also, I went on eBay’s website to check the Best Offer settings on one of the listings, and discovered that the Auto Decline field is now blank on eBay, as opposed to what it was set to be in GS7.

Any idea what is going on?

Can you recall if you used the “Revise Listing” command in GarageSale to upgrade your running listing to a different design?

My best guess is there might be a logic bug either in GarageSale or in eBay’s revise logic that deletes your best offer settings upon revise. But that depends if you actually used the revise command.

Yes, we were using the Revise Listing pulldown command, and Best Offer Details was checked as well.

Any new insight on the issue?

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