Auto parts compatibility in eBay Motors ASAP Please!

I just found the GarageSale app and am looking forward to purchasing a license. However, the only component missing is parts compatibility - I currently use WHI Solutions aka Nexpart because even eBay’s system is absolutely terrible and frustrating. Please contact me when this feature has been updated so I can purchase the license and get going. I have hundreds of thousands of parts to list and need an efficient way to do it and be successful the first time around rather than using multiple databases and constantly having to switch back and forth. Thank you in advance. I see there are many of us that sell auto parts that need this feature.

@melburch430 I remembered a thread about this matter: Motors Parts compatibility feature still needed in GS? . That thread is closed, but it might be of your interest to reanimate it…

Yes! I read the old threads - and someone had said that if more people mentioned that we need that tool, maybe they will be a little quicker in making it happen. I just wanted to let the developers know that there are TONS of us that would use it! I work for a guy that has 4 people listing items for him because he has so many auto parts to list.

I absolutely LOVE my Mac and have my heart set on finding listing software that I can use OUTSIDE of eBay because their listing tool is absolutely frustrating when it comes to Motors.

BTW - what I find frustrating about the eBay method of listing auto parts, is that after you choose the Make and Model, the choices under “Year” are alphabetized: (I’m not sure about anyone else, but) I would prefer if the selections under Year would be grouped by make and model instead of alphabetical - because usually, if I am at this point, I’m switching back and forth looking at Nexpart and eBay. Nexpart has expandable/collapsible menus … it would be nice if eBay followed suit.

eBay is supposed to be able to let us use third party software like Nexpart in our listings but I’m not sure how, as they never reply to me.

I just wanted the developers to know how important this is. I wish I knew how to code, I would volunteer to program this feature for them. But I don’t :frowning:

I have always said that it would be great to see a list of items being worked on. Just the priority would be helpful. How about a weekly list from GS Support.

Might help prevent requests disappearing into the ether. They probably don’t, but that is the perception sometimes.

Hello David,
yes I agree, I would suggest something like a “fixed” threads that always stay at the top of all others threads. That would let users who enter into the forum for the first time to immediately see important news and/or future releases features, so this would partially solve the problem of automatic closing that obligates you to open a new thread (like this one) if the one that interests you is already closed.

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Will one of the developers please reply with an ETA for this feature?

<impatiently waiting :)>

Sorry, we don’t have a definitive ETA for this feature.

Getting GarageSale 8 out of the door takes a lot longer than we thought. Maybe sometimes this year, but with all the changes eBay and Apple are pushing onto, don’t take this for granted.

I understand that the answer is not very satisfactory, but coming with a date would not be responsible.

Definitely appreciate the reply. What more will the GarageSale app have in version 8?? Seems pretty complete with the exception of the Parts Compatibility feature. But maybe that’s just because that’s the only thing that I need lol

I sent you an invitation for the GS 8 forum, so you can see for yourself.

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