Auto-relisting and Inventory setting

In the instructions it recommends using the “Ignore Inventory Quantity” feature however, default has that checked. Does it not apply when there is only one item?

Will it re-list a sold item? I only want it to do unsold.


I had the same question to do :slight_smile:

The “Ignore Inventory Quantity” setting works in combination with the Inventory section.

Unless this option is checked, GarageSale will only auto-relist if there’s inventory for the listing’s SKU left.

If checked, GarageSale will always relist, regardless if the listing sold or not, and regardless if there’s enough quantity left.

So does it relist (if checked) also if there is only 1 item in that listing?

I have the same question, as this was a MAJOR problem in GS 6. We tried to enable auto relisting for our 1000+ items but it kept relisting sold items (which several times sold again leading to much apologies by us), as well as not appearing to always update inventory quantities between each relisting.

If this feature has indeed been fixed to work in a common sense manner, then it will be a tremendous time saver for us.

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