Auto-Restart API call choice - Sell Similar - Feature Request

When I use Auto-cancel followed by Auto-Restart, my listings retain the original start date in eBay’s Cassini Time search results (even with a new item number). So when I sort my listings by “Time: newly listed”, these restarted/relisted listings don’t show up on top, but are buried back in the search results. (Intended behavior when relisting per eBay in a community post).

If I use Auto-cancel, and then manually duplicate the closed listing, then start the dup as a new listing, this listing does not carry forward the original start date and DOES show at the top of the “Time: newly listed” search. (This is what I want for my business case).

I assume the Auto-Restart is using the Relistitem api call whereas the default normal start uses the Additem api call. (or equivalents, just guessing).

So my feature request is to add a checkbox/option in the Auto-Restart functionality to choose if the Relistitem or Additem api call should be used to restart the item.

Thank you for your consideration.

I forgot to mention but this will basically give us the Sell Similar functionality via GarageSale automation which would be nice feature. thanks again

I am curious as to how Sell Similar would be faster that just using GS?

Don’t we already have a far more functional version of sell similar in GS?

I’ve seen several YouTube videos of large eBay sellers who claim be to so called experts using eBay’s listing form and / or the sell similar form

Any old school eBayer can tell you the fastest method for listing on eBay for more than 20 years has been desktop software and not a cloud based system

I watch these “experts” use the sell similar form on one of their own items, which is easier than trying to use another seller’s listing. They first delete the photos and wait for replacement photos to upload. They then have to go through the listing and edit the title, description and carefully check over other aspects of the listing to make sure they don’t make a mistake.

In GS I’d simply make a template for a multiple quantities of the same type of item with the category, shipping, attributes and so forth already set. I’d add a portion of the title and description that will be shared among all items. I’d then duplicate this template and populate it with images, add any additional text to the title and description that pertains to each item. I’d then manually have GS upload this in a batch, which I don’t have to set there and monitor or have GS upload it as a batch of items when I am not home.

I’ve previously used A.I.D. on the Mac, back in 2000 or 2001 and Turbolister on a Mac via Windows emulation so its not like these faster software solutions just came out yesterday.

Trying to list items with eBay’s listing form or sell similar form on a phone is even worse that a desktop with multiple screens yet these so called “experts” do that also. I’d consider it torture.

The request was to basically build-in the Sell Similar function into GS. Currently GS can only auto relist which is different than sell similar. So at the end of a 30 day listing, rather than auto-relisting, GS would do an auto- sell similar and the item would be at the top of the newly listed sort again.

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