Auto Settings on Best Offers being ignored

Has eBay quietly deprecated the Best Offer settings, or made some type of coding change that has rendered the settings within as GS being ignored? We’ve had a slew of offers come through to us the past several days that are beneath our Auto Decline amount. We aren’t running any current sales either that might override the settings, hence my asking about it here.

We are not aware of any chance, not have the fields that GarageSale uses been deprecated in eBay’s API.

Can you recall if you have been using the Revise command on any of the effected listings since they have been started? The have been some changes in that area in one of the recent GS7 version.

I don’t believe we’ve used the Revise command much at all recently since getting into compliance with eBay’s new shipping and return policies for TRS. When relisting, we tend to lower the price and then Relist with Selected Changes with all but Quantity checked.

Probably just a coding screwup on eBay’s side of things. They seem to be having a slew of random issues lately.

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