Automatic cancellation for Auction types

Just came across something today which sellers should be wary of.

Somehow I set an auto cancel time of 1 hour before ending on my items that were ending today. However, they were auction type listings, not BIN. Should this be possible? Why would one do it? They were probably BIN items that I had changed to auction types not realising that the auto cancel was set.

Thanks for sharing, this is a major issue. An auction with offers closed before the end charges eBay fees on reached price!
@davidelliott one day or another I will need a consultation from you about this feature before I convert al my listings…

Luckily I spotted it before too much damage was done.


So what’s the solution? Should we prevent the auto-cancel feature for all auction-style listings in GarageSale?

I would say you absolutely must @ilja auctions make money if they end… at the end!

Yes I think that would be a very good idea, Ilya.


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