Automatic Cancellation not working (for me) again, again

Please be aware guys. Auto-cancellation just stopped working today.
Exactly the same issue as in my post Feb 4.

I am running:
Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 3.27.20 pm

Unsure when it started because I have not had auto-cancels for a few days.

I fixed it this way.
For each listing that is active and with auto-cancel set (I had 6 hours set in mine).

  1. Go to the ‘Advanced Tab’

  2. Deselect auto-cancel

  3. Goto the ‘Options’ Tab

  4. Go back to the ‘Advanced Tab’ and reset auto cancel to another value. I selected 12 hours.

  5. Wait for them to be cancelled and when this is done, set auto-cancel back to its original value.

  6. Obviously, do it in bulk.

I tried a number of different ways but this one is the only one that worked each time.
I do not cherish the thought of doing this for another 35,000 listings.

I will install GS 9.5 and report back on it tomorrow.

Possible Solution? If this is some sort of queuing issues, can GS have some sort of process to clear the queue and restart it?


And just like last time it has corrected itself. I have no idea why.

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