Automatic Relisting of Items Already Sold

This seems to have been a common topic using version 6, but I keep having this problem running version 7.0.13. This is aggravating and potentially embarrassing. I WANT GarageSale to relist for me when something does NOT sell, but it shouldn’t be creating new listings when I only have ONE of something. I’m not using a store and there is no inventory or similar items (usually). If there is, then I use the quantity feature. I appreciate any help. This has happened with multiple items.

Look on the right hand sidebar in OPTIONS.

I’m going to do this from the bottom: The bottom quarter has Shipping on one lineGo to the third quarter and look to the bottom of the quarter. It should say “PAYMENTS” and then Paypal or whatever you use.

Above that line, it says “QUANTITY”.

Is that box checked?

Thanks, Michelle. It WAS on the auction that restarted itself last time.

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Been there. Done that. And nearly pulled out all my hair over it. :slight_smile:

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