Automatic triggering of an Apple Event when an item is sold?

Is it possible to automatically trigger an Apple Event when an item is sold? (GS7 or GS8 does not matter)
So that, when something is sold, I can fire up my database software automatically to do something?

A ‘Folder Actions Script’ might work. Set the action for folder contents change. Select the proper folder in the GS database. Just guessing. It MIGHT work.


But GS does not store anything in a different folder when an auction ended, so I think that might not work…
Thanks, but any other ideas? Does GarageSale “fire” any kind of event when an item is sold?

Right now, there no way to trigger an AppleScript handler when downloading new orders arrive.

Are you using AppleScript to export order data from GarageSale to your database at the moment? If so, do Apple’s recent security restrictions when sending AppleEvents between applications give you any trouble?

Oh, thats bad… Is it very complicated to use the ebay REST API, to solve that without GS?

At the moment I am still on GS 7 and macOS 10.12 in my productive environment, so I have no problems there.
But I may make some tests if you tell me in which environment I should test it. Catalina an d GS 8 I think? Or mojave?

We are not using the eBay REST API, so I have no experience with that. We are still on the old Trading API, which is not difficult to use, but getting an approval from eBay and setting up the callbacks on your server for eBay’s authorization process is quite some work.

I’d try the latest OS version you can get to run on your hardware. In theory, that should give you the piece of mind for the longest time.

I see. I will try to figure out what to do to use the ebay REST API with FileMaker, I do that a lot with the Gambio-Shop system at the moment, works well - but using the ebay API may be a bit more tricky…
I think I will try a bad bad workaround for a start: Triggering an AppleScript when a sales-e-Mail from ebay comes in - that may work as long as the e-Mails come in in-time (which they do not always…).
I want to achieve the following: I have some single, specific items, that I want to list on ebay AND in my shop - and once it is sold on one of the two platforms, I would like to cancel it on the other platform. Something like magnalister, Plentymarkets and so on do, but within my own Database Software, based on FileMaker.

Normally I follow the rule: Never change a running system… Everything works fine here at the moment with 10.12. sierra and GS7, next step will be to switch to GS8 in my productive environment. Then I will try 10.14. Mojave maybe next year.
But if it will be helpful for you, I may install catalina somewhere with my stuff and GS8 and try that out.

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