Automatically Increase Stock Qty

I have been looking around in GS and am just wondering if it is possible to do what I’d like to achieve - I don’t think it is possible but it’d be a greta feature (for me anyway!!)

All of my listings have variations/attributes and I have unlimited stock because I make them myself. I have around ten different sizes and have listed all available quantities as 1 for each size.

I have sold a couple of items today from my new listings and would really like to be able to automatically add the stock back to the listing so that a qty of 1 is always available for each size variation.

Is this currently possible (I don’t think it is), and if not would this be something that you’d maybe consider introducing sometime in a future release?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Dealing with “infinite quantities” should already work with GarageSale’s auto-relist feature.

Please check the “Automatic Restart” chapter here:

Just set the quantity of your inventory items to something super high, like 100,000.


It’s not relisting an item. These are BIN items with ten different sizes. I want to keep the available quantity for each size on the eBay listing very low though to increase the apparent ‘scarcity’ of the product. When there has been a sale and someone else then looks at the listing it will say ‘Last One’ when a variation is selected if there is only a quantity of one remaining on the eBay listing.

With this in mind, it will increase the urgency for the potential buyer to make a decision about purchasing vs saving it in their watch list for later sometime - it would be great if you could say by variation/attribute to keep the available quantity to one or two, so basically you never go out of stock but the potential customer thinks you are low on availability

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:


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