Automatically lower item price after 5 days

Is there a way on GarageSale to set a Buy It Now price on an item and have it automatically be lowered after so many days if it doesn’t sell?

I don’t do this automatically, but every day I re-price about a third of the fixed price listings I have running and re-launch them, if they (1) are more than 5 days old and (2) have no watchers.

You can find the older ones relatively easily with a Smart Group. I then select them, run a script to tag a random fraction with a color (red, just because), and using another Smart Folder which only contains red-tagged items, I then select, stop, update and re-launch them. That way I don’t have to move them around; the Smart Groups let me peek at only the subset I’m interested in.

Obviously, having a Store (and the 40k or so “free” listings) makes this affordable.

I would be concerned about lowering prices over time, especially if you’re not selling commodity items. The main problem with collectibles on eBay is not high prices, but failure of anybody to actually see them. You can often get equally good results by just stopping and re-starting items, or by increasing price over time.

Do you mean “Relist” or “Start”??? I’ve been trying to figure out for years which is better…


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I have not done the data analysis for a long time, but when I did (about 10 years ago now) it was clear that re-listing did not generate as many views (or sales) as starting a listing over again with some changes.

I should do a couple of weeks’ worth of experimenting, but ever since the cheap Store subscription made starting things over again essentially free, I don’t feel a lot of pressure?

But again: I sell old crummy books from dead people. Almost all the sales I have are impulse buys or people accepting offers I send. When I have left things running “to generate views” it turns out that the only people who watch my inventory do so for 3+ months at a time. So I eventually just stop those, and re-start, and then they sell to somebody else like as not.

It’s a mystery, definitely.

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