Automatically pick USPS from the carrier list

We only use USPS, rarely UPS or Fedex, much less the 50 other carriers on the carrier drop down menu, is there a way to just have the system automatically pre select USPS from the drop down menu instead of having to manually scroll down and click on it? Or have it automatically select USPS based on the tracking number we input. I think they all have unique number/letter strings much like sites can detect if its a Visa, Mastercard or Amex.

Thanks in advance!

Couldn’t you preselect USPS as your default shipping service for new listings in GarageSale’s preference? This way it should always come up pre-selected when you edit shipping services for new listings.

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What kind of items do you sell? Are they a lot of the same or all different?


You know what, that could be it, because I use Standard Flat Rate Shipping Service as the shipping method for all my items. So I think I need to now change them to USPS First Class or similar.

I guess picking Standard Flat Rate Shipping Service, Garagesale (rightfully so) doesn’t know what carrier that is upon checkout and gives me the drop down menu every time.

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