Back up location- i think this is right?

Hey everyone, really enjoying GS. Now can i just check ( i run google drive back ups ) - is that the only folder that i need to keep backed up?? So has all data images etc…
Screenshot 2022-04-18 at 20.07.32

inside that folder is -

Screenshot 2022-04-18 at 20.08.43

All the best, Paul

I run Time Machine for my backups. Crashed a hard drive and when I got my computer back from Apple I just hit restore from time machine and everything was restored just like the day the hard drive crashed.

That should be the correct folder, yes.

GarageSale keeps your database in your User Library* under
Macintosh HD/Users/yourUserName/Library/Containers/

*Please note: The User Library is hidden by default. To access it click the Finder’s “Go” menu and press the option (alt) and shift key to make the User Library show up in the menu. Selecting it will open it in the Finder.

Regards, Kristian

Me too, Richard. So very important for me with the number of db corruptions I seem to be able to create.

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