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I had a HD failure and decided to replace my Mac, luckily I do regular backups. I have re-installed GS7 and followed the instructions to restore my database. Thank you for the clear instructions.

I would also like to import all my listings made with GS7 from my backup because when I import them from eBay, GS7 does not recognize the design properties. The design properties remain blank, which means I have to start over including linking the logos, pictures, settings etc…

Also, how do I re-install the templates Ive bought from the design store in GS7?

Thank you in advance for your time

J.J Adams

If these listings are still available on your GarageSale database on your backup drive you could try to transfer the whole GarageSale database from your backup to your current system. FAQ entry #17 should provide you with the necessary steps:

Before doing this you migt want to export any listings and inventory items you already created and want to keep.

If you transfer the whole database they should already be available. Make sure you already entered your GarageSale license.

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,

Is your name french?

I recovered the whole database by copying the entire container file and still nothing but the orders history gets recovered. None of my listings nor the template I bought from the design store get recovered,

What next?

If the GarageSale 7 database still shows up empty you must have done something wrong OR the database from your backup is empty, too!
Do you have another backup version you could give a try?
Please double-check that you put the database from the backup to the correct diretcory on your current Mac.

By the way: If needed you can always re-download paid designs:

  1. Select “Show design templates” from GarageSale’s “Window” menu.

  2. In this window click on the cart icon in the toolbar; enter your transaction ID of your purchased design.

  3. Afterwards, the design should be available in GarageSale design browser again.

Regards, Kristian

Its the weirdest thing and the only time GS has let me down.

I tried different backups and again, all my order history appears but not the listings,

Anyhow, got back my template,

Thank you for all,


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