Bad code // Spacing issues

Can I send somebody on your team the file for my listing so you can tell me why i get double spacing when listing is uploaded? It is spaced normally in the garage sale editor. When uploaded to ebay the lines are double spaced.

I have posted about this before but havent followed up. I have the exported file I can send somebody. Any help?

If I remember right if you cut and paste from other sources it imports some issues. This may be the cause of your issue?

And also if you have imported from EBay into GS. My listings are full of them after doing so. In some cases I also have extra spaces between words. Too many other pressing issues spend time on it though.

Can I get a response from a moderator about this? This issue has been bugging me forever. I have posted about this before but havent followed up because i’m so busy.

I have posted the code into other html editors and it appears fine, it only gets double spacing when i actually upload to ebay. pls help. my auctions look like crap and very unprofessional with this extra spacing.

Have you tested if the browser you’re viewing the listing in makes a difference? In my experience I’ve noticed that my listing will have extra spacing depending on whether I’m viewing it in say, Firefox vs. Safari after it has been uploaded to eBay.

Sorry I can’t be more specific as it’s been awhile since I created any lisitings with GS at all (been busy doing other things). It’s just an anomaly I remember noticing at the time…

Without seeing your listing in GarageSale it’s hard to tell what’s causing the issue.

Where did you enter your HTML code in GarageSale? Editor or Preview mode?
In Editor mode what option do you have selected from the “Description Conversion” menu at the bottom?

What browser do you use?

Regards, Kristian

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