Barcode scanner / used auto parts

just wondering if there was a fix with the scanner and auto parts, Or if there was a update for auto parts and Ebay motors yet ?

Hi Brandylynn,

could you let me know what fix with the scanner you’re referring to?
If you’re looking for a barcode scanner maybe our free GarageSale Scout app for iOS already helps?:

eBay Motors is supported by GarageSale but eBay’s “Parts Compatibilty” feature isn’t. We created a thread in this user forum last year but didn’t get many replies:

Is that still a feature sellers are using?

Regards, Kristian

I have the garage sale scout scanner it will not scan auto parts barcodes .
I use Ebay product catalog but its hit and miss
hollender is a computer system we use at our salvage yard they have a opt but its ridiculous. I sent yaii a video maybe 6 months ago

Parts compatibility (motorbikes) is something we have wanted since eBay offered it as our competitors are using it (presumably listing with Windows apps).

Can you send me a picture again of such a barcode? Is the GarageSale Scout app able to turn into a code?

No problem

The garage sale app doesn’t recognize it

Here are a few examples

Maybe I am wrong but for me these barcodes look like vendor-specific, non-EAN barcodes. It might be that the eBay product catalogue does not support these kind of barcodes.

Regards, Kristian

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