Barcode updates not propagated on ebay

There is a field in properties called BARCODE.

This information appears to show up under ITEM SPECIFICS section on the Ebay website.

The barcode entered populates two fields on eBay, UPC and EAN.

I made an error and didn’t update the barcode from an earlier one used. When I noticed my error I amended the property field with the correct barcode and pushed out updates (revise item).

Problem 1:

Choosing to only update/revise “ITEM SPECIFICS” means the barcode change isn’t shown on Ebay.

So although the info appears to eBay visitor under ITEM SPECIFICS clearly GarageSale isn’t propagating this info under this category??

Problem 2:

Choosing update all/revise complete listing only updates the EAN field on eBay. The matching UPC field is still showing the incorrect info (my old data).

Version info: Using GarageSale 6.8 (586) as I am using Mountain Lion still.

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This is still an issue in GarageSale 8.3.6 (1292).