Beach ball when selecting listings that have an SKU

Selecting listings with an SKU set takes a few seconds. See movie. Clicking on a listing that has an SKU take MUCH longer than clicking on a listing that does NOT have an SKU set.

Seems like it might be loading all SKUs on every click… If I change over to the SKU tab (which takes a few seconds and beach balls), click on the “NoGlobalShipping” SKU and then change back to the listings tab, selecting listings with an SKU is now faster/instant.

See spindump from related search and clicks. Also photo of my SKUs.

Neal (2.0 MB)

Screen Recording (GarageSale)

Something I do when GS seems sluggish or beachballs more that I like. I shut GS down and restart. It helps with speed and removes some sluggish behavior. I typically let GS run 24 7 because I have cancel/relist set to go at all times.

I already do this frequently… I start/stop GS several times a day.

Not to resolve issues, just my work-flow…


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