Beta Expires After 3 Auctions?

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If this is true I would love to know that before I even try it.

It appears to be. I haven’t heard from @ilja but the answer I got in the newer thread does not bode well.

Hi Michelle,

the beta version does NOT expire after 3 listings.

The DEMO version allows you to start 3 listing so you get a chance to test GarageSale.

Once registered you can start more than 3 listings, of course.

Hope this helps,

So, in other words: you release a public beta, explicitly to be tested by your users, but in order to do so (which in my opinion can not be done with just 3 listings, especially if you want serious feedback on new features or potential bugs), we need to either buy the beta or subscribe to the Pro service?

As far as I can tell…You have to buy the upgrade… and then subscribe to the pro service (if you want over 50 listings right now). Then you get a refund for the subscription payment after beta? Thats not exactly clear… so if I choose to not continue using the program I’m stuck with the upgrade price? What about if I pay for the yearly plan right now… do I get that price back? Prorated?

I downloaded what was supposed to be the Beta, not the Demo. I’ve beta tested GS for a few years now, so I am now thoroughly confused!

I followed this link:


@Michelle any version of GS (beta, 6, 7 or 8) is DEMO until you don’t buy a license. If you subscribed to GS 8, just open preferences > go to pro section > insert email and password and that will work.

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