Beta versions of software

I am surprised to hear that people are using a BETA version for critical business listings. The whole idea of a BETA version is that it will have flaws. If you have a business & can’t afford to be in the situation of “no sales = loss of sales” then why don’t people simply wait for the NON-BETA to be released? Doesn’t it make business sense?

In defense of people using GarageSale 7 Beta in production, I have to point out that there are certain eBay features only supported in GarageSale 7. For instance, if you are regularly selling in a category for which eBay demands variations to be listed with an UPC or EAN codes, then GarageSale 6 wouldn’t work anymore.

It’s risky to use the beta, but we try to remedy the situation by fixing reported bugs quickly, usually within one or two days.