Big big big problems with auto-relisting: hundreds of listings disappeared at once

I have no words, this time the issue is really shocking…
I sold some items and noticed that in order section there was not the photo. I right click over the order and clicked “show listing”, nothing. So I tried a search: the result is that tons of listings have gone! I cannot be precise about the number, but an entire folder is empty! Another one has inside only 1 listing!!! Using the search field what happen is exactly this: Disappeared listings sometimes... reappear . Did you remember? The research provide me that listings, but it is new (not started), if I select it during the search and then press X nothing is selected and the listing is no where. @ilja please do something, can I send you the database?? I don’t know what to do!!!

This is nothing compared to the number of disappeared, hope you will understand it is a total mess video

Doesn’t sound good. :disappointed:

Can you please clarify? Do you see the missing started listings in search or not?

Hi Ilja,
I apologize for delay, I have been away all the day.
So… I spent all Sunday depressed over the laptop and found 137 disappeared listing. What’s “good” is that all disappeared some days ago in GS and 76 were still expired in the trash. Yes, expired in the trash (solid gray + relisted icon), it means that GS relisted them… and in fact all were active in my ebay account… but there are no active listings! All 137 (and I guess also other) are active in ebay but does not exist in the folder into GS, so in 30 days they will disappear forever. I don’t see them in folders, but I see them if I use the search and are all “ready to start” (empty icon). If I select them while searching and press X, nothing remain selected. It’s like GS relisted, moved the expired ones to trash and “did something strange” with the active one so that are now hidden and “new” listings.
Please let me know if it makes sense. I hope in a miracle!!!

Good to hear that those listings are still in the database. If you could send us your database file, I can try to bring these listings back into the visible hierarchy. Here is how to do that:

  1. Choose “Open Library Folder” from the “Help” menu
  2. Send us a zipped version of the “GarageSale.leveldb” file

I the meantime, I think on how to relink those listings with the active listings on eBay. Also, we might be able to figure out what went wrong in the first place.

Hi Ilja,
here is what I see into the library folder:


I have copied abd bow zipping the highlighted one. I will send it to you by private message.
Thanks for your work, I am looking forward to hearing good news from you.

Hi @ilja, did you receive the file?

Yes, I got your file. Thanks. I also think I found the root cause that caused the invisible listing in the first place. Here is the gist:

When relisting an item, the response from eBay doesn’t contain enough information for GarageSale to create a complete listing object to immediately display . Instead a temporary object is created but not shown in the hierarchy yet.

So, once the relist response is received another ‘more info’-request for the relished listing is sent to eBay to get more the details for the new listing. Once that second request completes, the re-listed listings is added to your hierarchy.

Here is the catch: The relist request and the ‘more info’ request are scheduled on the same queue. If you are auto-relisting a lot of items, the queue might be already full with hundreds of waiting auto-relist requests. Each time an auto-relist request completes, a corresponding ‘more info’ request is added to the same queue behind all those scheduled “auto-relist” requests. So it might takes minutes or hours until the first “info”-request is finally processed.

If anything unexpected happens (user quits GS, GarageSale crashes, some other bug lurking in the code) before the info requests are done, you’ll never see the re-listed listing in GarageSale.

My next steps:

  1. Find a way to make your listings reappear in the hierarchy
  2. Find a way for you to relink those listings with running listings on eBay
  3. Change GarageSale so that this doesn’t happen again.

Hope to this all done by Friday afternoon. :sweat_smile:

Good morning Ilja (“good” morning, it sounds complicated :cold_sweat:).
Thank you so much to you for your effort!! Do not worry for my matter (point 1+2) and just concentrare over the 3. There is a way to make those listing reappeared. I only kindly ask you if you can provide me a list of “disappeared” listings (if it is possible for you to see all them at a glance), it is frustrating and so long to check one listing by one if it is there or not. With a list I will go directly to those disappeared. Looking for them using the search, press cmd-D, the double one is visible again in the hierarchy, so I start it again as new listing. I just would like to know how many and especially which are “ghost” because until now I had to check one item by one… and they are some thousands.

Thanks again!

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