BIN Sale not appearing in Waiting For Payment/Ready To Ship Folder 2

Hi Kristian. We were in conversation a couple of weeks back but unfortunately I didn’t get a response back from you and the topic is now closed.

I am still having similar issues, with finished sales on eBay showing as live on Garage Sale (I can send screenshots).

Can we resolve this?


Does the listing status in GarageSale update when you choose Listing > Update all Listings ?

Screenshots would certainly help.

Unfortunately no.

Here is a screen shot showing that the item has finished successfully. Note that the listing in the left hand column still shows the item as ‘live’, instead of a green ’sold’ box

Hi nick,

could it be that there’s a title bar above the listing that says “Archieved Listing”?

Regards, Kristian

No. The title is LISTINGS in grey font.

Hmm, could you post a screenshot from the whole GarageSale window? You can left out the Inspector sidebar if you don’t want to show that.

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian

Full screen window attached below. I don’t know if it helps but this was a sale that was BIN with Make Offer. The buyer made a lower offer which I accepted.


Hi Nick,

hmm, it might be that GarageSale didn’t get the “is sold” information from eBay but that’s just a guess.

If you compare the listing’s item ID in Live view with the item ID in the “Status” Inspector: Is it the same in both views?

You already refreshed your eBay access token in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts and selected “Update all listings” from the Listing menu afterwards?

Regards, Kristian

Yes, exactly the same (see below). And token is refreshed.

It’s no big deal as I obviously find out that the item has sold via eBay email alert. But as this is the second time this has happened, there may be a glitch somewhere…


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