[bug] Author attribute UI does not allow creation of first one

Using GarageSale 8.3.6, I have noticed that the Author UI element does not allow the first item to be added, when the “+” button is pushed. If there is already an author specified, the UI works correctly, allowing extra ones to be added or removed. But it does not allow the move from 0 -> 1 author.

This is especially important because the books without author attributes set are getting “required soon” warnings from the eBay bots…

I just tried it here in the “Books” category but wasn’t able to reproduce this issue yet. No matter what I was able to add (and delete) an author even when no author has been added yet.

Does it maybe help to remove the “Author” field completely and then re-add it?

That does work, and I wonder… what I was doing wrong?

It’s also the case that if I delete (with the “–” button) the last Author entry in the array, the UI disappears for me here. But when I was in this situation the other day, it was not responding that way: I could press it and the empty-looking UI list would stay. These were listings that I had been running for many months (and years in some cases), so… maybe their attributes got borked somehow by the category migration eBay did on their side? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It seems to be fixed now, so I won’t worry much about it. Since many of these listings I have are so old, I have been cleaning them out entirely and starting new attributes from scratch anyway.

Thanks! Will keep an eye out for anything that could explain it.

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