BUG for email templates

I have a new bug to report, this is very annoying since also customers see it :fearful: .
I created different email templates to send customers for some reason (for example when someone does not pay I just send him an email with GS in which listing title and other info appear automatically). This is fine, but… if before sending them paragraphs are ok, after (looking in sent messages in eBay) they are totally a mess (like a unique paragaphs). Please repair it asap!!!

Thank you

Can you please post a screenshot of how it looks before sending?

thank you for your fast help. I attach 2 screenshots:

  1. this is how I see it in message templates of GS

  1. and this is the message seen from sent in eBay ( I hidden personal data of customer, but they were correct)

As you see it is without spaces and paragraphs. I don’t know if it can help you, but I noticed that if I click on the mail icon to send a message with GS, copy the text and paste it into eBay message… it makes the same! I just paste the same message but without paragraphs… I hope it won’t be long and difficult to repair.

P.S. There is also another bug. As you see in first screenshot in left side bar I cannot rename templates in any way…

What about this bug? Is it only a problem for me? :neutral_face: I still cannot use messages from GS because of this…

We tried to reproduce the issue, but couldn’t. Also, the code in question has been around for some years in GarageSale.

My guess is that it’s just a display issue on the eBay Italy website. It would good to see how your message looks in the e-mail client of the receiver, though.

Hello Ilja,
Thank you for help. I am totally sure it didn’t do so in GS 6, I will try to ask customers and then I will inform you.