BUG: Hangs while bulk editing attributes

I have the latest GS 9.1 but it’s not a new issue. I have noticed it in the last few months but it may have been there for a while.

-Select a few hundred listing at least (I’m doing 400 for example)
-Click “Multiple Vaules” to edit attributes in the options panel on the right
-Use the dropdown to “Add Detail”
-GS will hang for a few minutes before resuming.

This seems reproducible. The length of hang time depends on the number of listings selected to edit at one time. I need to do quite a bit of attribute editing over the next few weeks, so this is a bit of a snag at the moment. Let me know what help you may need identifying the issue.

Otherwise, I’m a very happy longtime customer. :slight_smile:

The next time you are bulk editing that many listings, please use the “Sample Process” command on GarageSale in Apple’s “Activity Monitor” utility, when you see the GarageSale hang after choosing “Add Detail”.

This will produce a log which shows what GarageSale is doing while it is hanging. Please send that log to us, so we can further investigate.

Are all the selected listing in the same eBay category, or in different categories. If they are all in the same, what category is it on what eBay site (US, UK, Australia)?

Here is the info you requested. Anything else please let me know.

site: ebay US
category: Topographical Postcards

Sample of GarageSale.txt (1.3 MB)


can you try the following version:


It should at least speed up the process a bit. As all the listings must be saved after adding an attribute this may still take a bit of time…


Thanks, I will try this and follow up here.

I understand about saving all the listings, but it was taking sometimes 10-15 minutes at least to complete.

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