Bug in GS Scout?

Hi, I’m using GS on my 2011 iMac running High Sierra (10.13.6) and using GS Scout on my iPhone SE (iOS 17.3.1).

6 out of 10 times Scout imports into GS just fine.

The other times Scout appears to freeze my internet connection which I have to reset to continue. Also, Scout crashes from time to time after taking pictures.

Any hope of getting this bug addressed? Thanks!

How exactly do you experience that “freezed” internet connection? Are you saying that you can’t access the internet (e.g. browse in Safari) when it happens?

Please let us know which version of GarageSale you have installed. (Just select ‘About GarageSale’ from the ‘GarageSale’ menu in GarageSale.)

Also, is there any chance you can upgrade your macOS system? High Sierra 10.13 is pretty old. :face_in_clouds:

Hi Kristian, I’m running GS ver. 9.6 (1634).

Yes, my internet connection is disconnected completely and I cannot access anything online when this happens.

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