Bug: Overwriting a variation doesn't unlink the item from inventory

Found a bug.

I created three inventory items with unique SKUs and barcodes. They were for the same product but in different colors (black, clear, and pink). No problems there.

I created Listing A with a product that had three color variations (black, clear, and pink) and added my inventory items accordingly. Let’s call these Item #1, Item #2, and Item #3. Still no problem.

I created Item #4, Item #5. and Item #6 for a DIFFERENT product but having the same color variations (black, clear, and pink).

I duplicated Listing A, changed it to Listing B, then went to the variations. I saw the variations from Listing A as expected. I then dragged-and-dropped Item #4, Item #5. and Item #6 on top of Item #1, Item #2, and Item #3, respectfully. Item #1, Item #2, and Item #3 were properly replaced with Item #4, Item #5. and Item #6 as expected.

Except now when I go back to my inventory, Item #1, Item #2, and Item #3 all say that they’re linked to Listing B. In other words: Even though Item #1, Item #2, and Item #3 were overwritten by Item #4, Item #5, and Item #6, inventory still says they’re linked there.

If I were to delete Item #1, Item #2, and Item #3 from the variations, then add Item #4, Item #5, and Item #6, there is no problem. But overwriting/drag-and-dropping causes this problem. I played with this for about 15 minutes before giving up and deleting/recreating Listing B.

I just tried to reproduce it but for me it worked as expected.
I tested it with “only” 4 variations though.

After duplicating Listing A, I replaced variation 1 and 2 with 3 and 4 in Listing B.
I then switched to inventory view and checked the corresponding items. In the “linked with” table only the (one) correct listing was listed.

Can you reproduce this issue with newly created listings/inventory items?

Regards, Kristian

I just had it happen again, with newly-created listings and inventory items.

I created three new inventory items and added them as variations to a new listing. I then duplicated the listing, deleted the variations (because my new listing doesn’t have any variations), and added my item. When I look at my inventory list for those three new items it shows all of them as being linked to both listings. This screen shot shows one of the three new inventory items correctly linked to the “Marine” listing but incorrectly linked to the “Vault” listing.

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