BUG: Shipping options are not getting updated when revising listing

I’ve added dimensions and weight and when revising it eBay listing still has empty dimensions and weight did not change at all. GS 9.4.

Did you select revise entire listing or revise selected properties only?
Screen Shot 2023-11-20 at 7.05.16 PM

Yes I did, does not work :(.

I wonder what makes the difference? The first time I tried it changed, second time it did not, third try it did. HOWEVER, the third try I closed my browser window and opened a new one and the weight and dimensions changed.

There will be some delay while eBay’s databases and caches are updated, once the values have changed. Does force-clearing the cache in the browser help? When I do a revise (full or partial) it often takes 2-5 minutes to show in the live listing.

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I’ll test again and see if it updates after let’s say an hour. But if I change it in eBay UI it updates immediately, while in theory both eBay UI and GS suppose to use the same APIs and all changes go to the same DB. But we all know how weirdly eBay is written with lots of legacy code etc, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the external app API is working differently from internal stuff. Will report back!

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