BUG: starting expired listings from smart folder does not move originals to trash

the title explains the bug: if you manually start (NOT restart) a group of expired listings from a smart folder by clicking on the “start” button, original listings are not moved to the trash. If you do the same but selecting directly those listings (so not from a smart folder), original listings are correctly moved to the trash.
I hope it could be fixed soon.

Thank you


I thought I was seeing things. Happened twice to me but couldn’t put all the pieces together but you’ve explained what happened to me. GS leaves the original in the file.
It also throws a Duplicate Warning

Hi Martin, it seems to happen when you invoke the start command ONLY from a smart folder. Yes, GS leaves the original in the folder and does not move it to the trash, although it is set to do this. It only moves original to trash if you invoke the start command from outside smart folder, in other words if you select directly the listings you want to start. Let’s hope in a fix, this is quite problematic.

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